V7.0 Features

Freebox is Windows based Jukebox software for playing your personal music and music videos. Perfect for touch screen systems, it can very easily be operated using a mouse.

Features include:

Show the top 10 played songs of all time
Browse music by artist, year and genre
Decades Feature, Shows offical top 10 by month and year
View a recent history of songs played
Search by Track, Album or Artist
Karaoke supported, MP3 + G files.
Browse music by album covers or a text list depending on skin used
Clicking on an album opens the track list where the user can select to add a single track ,The whole album, Add to A Playlist or Download to a folder.
Configuration allows you to turn on or off any button on the screen. Don’t want your users to add the whole album to the queue? Just remove the button
Configuration also allows you to request a PIN code to access any of the main menu items. Don’t want your users to see the queue but still want the button shown? Just PIN code the button
Set up play lists (load and save from with in the jukebox)
Play music videos just as you do your music. When in Video mode, you browse through the artists adding videos to the queue. These can be piped out to a second screen.
Show a visualisation as tracks are played (WMP or Winamp required)
Completely skinable. Included with the software is a skin tool which allows you to move and re-style buttons, backgrounds and layouts.
Multiple monitors are supported. Run your Jukebox software on one and the visualisation on another. This could be the TV out or Monitor 2 port
“power off” options of shutting down the jukebox software or the PC. This can also be automated at a certain time, eg: midnight. Custom scripts can be run when the software is closed
Schedule skin changes using a calendar so it will change automatically for special events.
Random Play by library (Music, Karaoke or Videos) Or by Artist, Genre and Playlists
Networked Jukebox Master/Terminal (Allows the use of multple jukebox terminals to add songs to current queue on master jukebox)
Transparency (Allows backdrop (wallpaper/visualization) to show through jukebox frontend
All jukebox functions are mappable via keyboard shortcuts (useful when using a remote control)

Public Use features:

These are features that are useful if you plan to use the Jukebox for commercial purposes.

Show a NEW label on albums recently added
Attract Mode, This can be used to change the skin on certain dates (eg: changing the skin to a Christmas one in December). Attract mode can also be set to play random songs and play visualisations to attract users
Create separate databases, useful if you have different types of parties where the jukebox is used (eg: Wedding, Children’s party etc)
Freebox has a credit module which is used when a coin mechanism has been attached to the PC. You can set the properties for a credit. For example the cost to add a song to the queue, cost to play the song next and cost to play a song now. This is also split be media library type with different pricing for Music, Karaoke and Video.
Freebox fully supports the Betabrite LED sign, and Also the Chinese Variant. You can configure what appears (credit information, song information, general messages etc). 2 Signs are support at the same time.